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August Tarot Pulls

August Tarot Pulls

Hello there!

This month’s theme is firsts!

In July’s article, I spoke briefly about how I had been reading for tarot for two years. I can tell you exactly what happened in the first tarot reading that resonated with me. I was dating an unsavory person and I was goofing off with a tarot deck the night we broke up. I pulled the 6 of Wands and Death. The cards indicated that my boyfriend and I were going to break up and that I would be moving out. I can’t say for sure whether I fully believed in tarot or not back then, but I know I was spooked and respected the cards so much more after that reading.

Arguably, I could have examined the 6 of Wands as an indicator for how soon the events would have occurred. Wands are the “fastest” cards of the minor arcana, and if I had known this at the time, I would have started packing sooner. He broke up with me that night, and I moved out the next day. No one was more surprised than I was, and while I can’t say that tarot will always give you a heads up like this, your spirit guides around you will warn you ahead of time. This explains the Wands card in the suit. They were trying to tell me the breakup was coming much sooner than I anticipated. What a tarot reading, huh?

Now, let’s see what the collective is dealing with.


2 of Pentacles: balance

Star: wish fulfilled

Magician: manifest, fate creator

I think you finally found your footing. In July’s article, you were still finding stability and beginning a new path. The Magician is all about taking your fate into your own hands. The Star card speaks of obtaining whatever you desire. Reading them together, I think it is safe to say your new path is exactly where you want to be. The 2 of Pentacles reminds you to still move forward with the intention to keep everything balanced. I can’t say more until I pull some clarifiers for you.

Clarifiers: Temperance, Death, Wheel of Fortune (Reversed), Queen of Pentacles

The reversed Wheel of Fortune and the 2 of Pentacles warn you of falling into a cycle of self-neglect. The Queen of Pentacles is here, confirming this. You may have a habit of ignoring yourself when things are too good or too bad. Remembering to prioritize self-care along with your new responsibilities is the key here. You can always balance your other obligations, but self-care should always come first. It seems to me that the Queen of Pentacles may be reminding you to be more careful with your finances. It’s okay to treat yourself to certain luxuries, but make sure they’re within your budget. I read that if you can’t pay for it twice, then you can’t afford it. Apply this with any big financial decisions for the rest of August and all of September.

Death is here because you have been encountering so many new opportunities. The old you can’t help but fall away. Temperance reminds you to be grateful for what you have and that the Universe has your back. If you haven’t reached this new sense of stability yet, you will soon. Temperance promises good outcomes.

I recommend rhodonite to help keep stress at bay and citrine to increase your confidence.


Tower: unexpected events

Knight of Wands: new ideas, impulsive creative energy

3 of Wands: building, opportunities

In July’s article, you were still uncertain about your choices from May. Things were starting to pay off, but boredom and stagnancy snuck into the back of your mind. If you continued the course, then this pull is for you. The 3 of Wands speaks of new opportunities coming to you and the Knight of Wands describes a young person full of creative energy, ready to make something happen. I think you are the Knight of Wands and you have to move forward, despite whatever may happen next. The Tower card is about the unexpected, a surprise, a shock. If this event hasn’t occurred yet, keep an eye out for it.

Clarifiers: King of Wands, 8 of Swords, Justice, 2 of Wands

Gemini, I think you should consider picking up a second job. Unfortunately, there is something about this current one that may not be as stimulating as you need it to be. However, you’re really enjoying it, and that’s a good thing. The 8 of Swords describes feeling trapped or stuck, which is why I urge you to seek more stimulation. If I read the 8 of Swords with the 2 of Wands, it seems like the source of the “I’m trapped” feeling may be coming from the thought of doing XYZ long-term. 2 of Wands asks you to plan, create some short-term and long-term goals, so seeing it with the 8 of Swords feels like a certain Gemini may not want to do this forever.

This is great if the new opportunities coming to you provide more stimulation and feel much more like you, but I would strongly advise you not to leave your current position until something is secured. The King of Wands also encourages this. All kings are picky when it comes to using their energy and brainpower, and adding the Justice card with this feels like your spirit is urging you to be mindful for the next few months. Wait for things to settle before you make up your mind. Give yourself more time.

You should carry around rose quartz and ametrine until further notice.


9 of Cups (Reversed): unhappiness

Queen of Cups: emotional conversation, heart to heart

9 of Pentacles (Reversed): evaluating self-worth

I reread July’s article. You weren’t exactly fully healed, but you were insisting on living your life and getting back to it as soon as you can. I think you may be feeling a bit unstable these days. I can interpret a reversed 9 of Pentacles as you having trouble with your self-esteem, which is ultimately affecting your mental health. The reversed 9 of Cups could simply describe current unhappiness.

Clarifiers: 4 of Swords, Empress, 7 of Wands, 10 of Wands

I think you may have to ask for help. I can’t help but feel a bit alarmed when I read the 10 of Wands next to the reversed cards. I feel like you have needed some help for a while now, and here is your chance. “Help” can be whatever you need it to be: reassurance from a loved one, therapy, more socializing with friends, maybe even less time at work.

The presence of the Empress is significant here. It counters this particular interpretation of the reversed 9 of Pentacles: you are enough. You are more than enough. You are abundant. You need someone to remind you of this, and I don’t mind being that person. The 4 of Swords asks for you to rest your mind. You may need to create a relaxing morning and night routine that allows you to prepare and decompress from your day. You definitely need more time to yourself at night.

The 7 of Wands is always a good card to see. The end is near. This will be over soon. You are almost out. Take care of yourself in the meantime.

We’re going to keep July’s stones: black obsidian to block any psychic attacks and clear quartz to keep your energy field pure and unbothered.


Temperance: "good will prevail"

Judgment: evaluating past decisions, self-criticism

Queen of Swords: handling your business

Like Aquarius, Temperance is here to remind you that everything will be okay. Some of you were dealing with a hidden enemy and the fallout from the enemy’s appearance. I think things may be stabilizing for you and you may be trying to give this person a second chance. I’m not sure why you would, but this is the feeling I get from looking at Judgement and Temperance together. Perhaps, you are trying to be kinder to yourself for not seeing them coming.

Clarifiers: Ace of Wands, Page of Cups, Death, High Priestess

You have so many major arcana cards in this spread. I think some major shifts are in the process of happening. Death and the Ace of Wands speak of a new creative adventure while the Page of Cups describes a new suitor coming or good news from a lover. I think this spat (with whoever your July enemy was) gave you a push in the right direction. You’re learning to trust your intuition more and you may be moving with more purpose. I think everything will be okay.

We’re going to keep the yellow jasper from July and trade the smoky quartz for rose quartz. You need to be kinder to yourself while you navigate this new environment.


Devil: bad habits

Knight of Pentacles: learning a skill, productivity

8 of Pentacles: skill-development

My pull for July didn’t resonate for every Leo. I’ll summarize it for you: some Leos were dealing with some sort of intellectual fraud. If you took my advice from last month, you may have pursued some ways to protect your work. This can look like creating and placing watermarks or logos, obtaining an LLC, or writing a business plan.

The Devil card is my bad habits and addiction card. It describes insanity: continuing to engage in the same harmful, destructive behavior you have always done. If you are a business owner or a content creator, this harmful behavior can look like procrastinating, sharing your artwork with the world, despite not having a logo or professional Instagram. It can even look like sharing ideas with the wrong people. I think you may be seeking help. I interpret the Knight of Pentacles as someone who is learning a new skill. Paired with the 8 of Pentacles, you may be looking into protecting yourself and your work.

Clarifiers: 2 of Cups, 7 of Pentacles, 4 of Wands, 3 of Wands

So, yes: you are beginning to take your artwork and creative endeavors more seriously. This is great news. The 7 of Pentacles may be describing any thoughts of self-directed disappointment. You may have been hard on yourself, having realized you should have taken some of these protective measures a long time ago. The Wands cards talk strictly about laying down your foundation. Maybe you created that special Instagram or business plan.

If you haven’t realized how special your art is, you will soon. You need to protect your work in every stage that it is in.

I think citrine and clear quartz will be your best friend until the end of September.


Ace of Cups: new creative project, new lover

High Priestess (Reversed): under-developed intuition

6 of Swords: moving on, setting things aside, reprioritizing

The High Priestess is still following you! In July’s article, some of you had accidentally made your creative adventures even harder for yourself by falling out of love with it. This pull seems fairly simple: you will have a new idea soon that you make you fall in love with your art all over again. I think you’re going to give your current project a break and put it away. You will shift focus to this new, exciting idea, and life will go on as it does. However, you may have trouble recognizing this idea for the gold that it is. Spend more time reflecting on what you like, and then when this idea comes, you’ll know what to do.

Clarifiers: Empress, King of Cups, 2 Of Wands, 7 of Pentacles

The Empress and King of Cups have followed you from July. You really need to acknowledge your own abundance of creative energy and willpower. You have it in you. You have spent too much time doubting yourself and your abilities. If you feel like an imposter, spend more time studying other artists and their techniques in your field. Generate some excitement in your work by setting some small, achievable short-term goals for yourself. Art is fun! Never forget that.

We’ll keep June’s crystals for a little bit longer: obsidian and sunstone.


Queen of Cups: emotional availability

King of Pentacles: discipline, money management

Hermit: solitude, self-reflection

I think you may be following my advice from July: to give yourself all the compassion you have for others. The Queen of Cups signals you may have found someone to talk to, which is good. If not, you will soon. I also get a sneaking feeling some of you may have vented aloud in your car. I do it all the time and I discovered it is better to get your emotion out through speaking. Something about it really opens up my chest and lets me breathe. Try it the next time you’re upset. You may be pleasantly surprised about how good you feel afterward.

Clarifiers: Chariot, 7 of Pentacles, 3 of Swords, 2 of Swords

I feel like you are dealing with similar issues Libra was dealing with back in June. There is some healing to do that is keeping your life from advancing as you want it to. The 7 of Pentacles feels like you’ve been lamenting to yourself about “how much time you’re wasting being sad.” The 2 of Swords lets me know that you are paralyzed. You’re not sure what to do next. I think the Spirit is telling you to sit down, face yourself, and begin the healing process. Start addressing things you thought you were at peace with. Pain is lingering in your heart, keeping you in place.

Keep rose quartz, amethyst, and aquamarine in your pocket for a bit longer.


Strength (Reversed): weakness

10 of Pentacles (Reversed): poor money management, lack of funds

Queen of Swords: handling business

You have had to make some scary decisions lately and I feel like you may be feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse. There is definitely a feeling of weakness here. The reversed 10 of Pentacles feels like, “Why did I do that?” on top of a sudden lack of financial means. You may need to reevaluate the external forces that helped guide you to a decision. If things still check out and you realize that your decision was still the right decision, try not to worry about the future so much. You have to let things settle before they improve. See how things turn out.

Clarifiers: 9 of Swords (Reversed), Justice (Reversed), Page of Pentacles, 3 of Wands

Once things settle, then you can plan your future with less fear involved. The reversed Justice suggests that you may be reflecting on your past decisions with some objectivity, which is a great sign. It’s okay to do things differently after realizing you may have made things harder for yourself in the past. The Page of Pentacles could be an indicator of more financial gain, or at least more opportunities to make more money. Pisces, I think you need to go with the flow for a while until you feel you are at a good spot to start planning again. Don’t take yourself so seriously while everything calms down.

We’ll keep the black tourmaline and rose quartz for a while. These stones will help you feel more at peace with yourself and protect your energy from any negative forces or naysayers.


Lovers: choosing between suitors

10 of Wands: creative burnout

4 of Cups: boredom, stagnancy

I feel like you may have met someone and quickly became bored of them. The 10 of Wands suggests overexertion, like someone is doing all of the work, while the 4 of Cups speaks of wilting interest. If there is more than one person involved, then you may be getting tired of this love triangle. Or maybe you’re still focusing on yourself and still wanting to venture out. Explore your options carefully. Now is the time to be picky. Your energy and time are priceless.

Clarifiers: 10 of Swords, Hierophant, Ace of Swords (Reversed), 7 of Wands


think some of the Cancers (if they’re dealing with a love triangle) may also decide to be polyamorous. Just a feeling. The Ace of Swords is reversed, suggesting a new change in mindset. Maybe you’d give it a try. Paired with the Hierophant, I think it’s safe to say that some of you might explore being polyamorous. The 10 of Swords feels like something isn’t going well within the relationship, so this could mean that someone feels as though their needs are not being met. I’m not sure, but I know that being polyamorous doesn’t mean that one person gets all the attention. It is equal attention, love, and affection. It is navigating and strengthening multiple connections at once. No one falls off each other’s radar.

If this didn’t resonate for you, hopefully, September’s article will. In the meantime, stay safe and make sure to schedule some you time.

Keep carrying your healing crystals from June until the middle of September: chrysocolla and clear quartz.


King of Pentacles: discipline, money management

8 of Wands: escapism, lingering feelings

Devil: bad habits, unhealthy actions

You will be getting a solid grip on your unhealthy coping mechanisms soon. The King of Pentacles has high and unwavering self-esteem and trusts their judgment. The energy with the Devil card seems to be fading. You are acknowledging that you need help and you will be taking the correct steps to find better ways to cope with life’s challenges.

Clarifiers: Magician (Reversed), 9 of Swords (Reversed), Knight of Wands, Queen of Swords (Reversed)

There is a heavy feeling of regret. I think you are wishing you could turn back. Looking back at any poor decisions can definitely create resentment, but you have to remember that you were hurting and you needed help you weren’t able to get. The reversed Queen of Swords and Magician suggest a strong reluctance to take charge of your life and be held accountable for your actions. This is something you have to do before your life can get better. You have to be held accountable and you have to make amends. It’s going to be okay. We’re still rooting for you.

We’re going to keep July’s crystals: selenite and hematite.


3 of Cups (Reversed): fallout with friends

Sun (Reversed): depression

Tower (Reversed): newness, healing after the fallout

Maybe you had a falling out with some of your friends. Certain Virgos had a really hard time getting out of the house and being reacquainted with social norms. I think the stress of blending back in caused some sort of breakdown within your friend group. The reversed Sun tells me that this has seriously bothered you and your mental health has taken a severe hit from this.

Clarifiers: Hermit, Moon (Reversed), 7 of Wands (Reversed), 2 of Swords (Reversed)

You need to sit with yourself and ask why you feel so powerless without your friend group. The Moon card gives me the impression that you discovered that maybe some of your friends didn’t have your best interests at heart. If this hasn’t been the case for you, look for September’s article. The 2 of Swords feels like you’ve been wondering how to go on without them, and I urge you to remember that there is no shame in being alone. Most times, your own company is better than a majority of the people around you when you need it to be. The 7 of Wands also feels a bit self-pitying. I think you should take this period of isolation to rediscover old hobbies and new interests.

We’re keeping June’s stones: tiger’s eye to increase your natural creativity. We’re switching the hematite for black tourmaline, for protective purposes.


Star (Reversed): “careful what you wish for”

Knight of Swords (Reversed): inactivity, confusion

4 of Cups: boredom, stagnancy

I think you are still having trouble envisioning your life with this new positive change. The 9 of Swords is reversed, so you aren’t terribly stressed out. You are bored with your current life, but you feel like you don’t deserve your future. Capricorn, pick a struggle. You can work hard to create your future and if you’re not careful, you’d still feel like you didn’t deserve it. Allow yourself to have nice things. It seems like you’re talking yourself out of them.

Clarifiers: 4 of Wands (Reversed), Emperor, 3 of Swords (Reversed), King of Cups (Reversed)

I will say it plainly: I think you need to rebuke the lies ingrained in you from your childhood. There is something funky with your inner foundation. Take on the Emperor’s energy and sort these lies out. You are enough. You deserve a peaceful life. You deserve the luxuries you want. You may need to confront a father figure in your life about what you have been told. I really think you haven’t been able to move forward in life because of financial problems and self-esteem issues in your childhood. Once you address these, you will start to live the life you want, be able to afford your chosen life, as well as feel so much better. So much more like yourself.

I recommend rose quartz and amethyst while you navigate this difficult time.

Overall Energy for the Collective in August 2021:

There is some heavy energy in August for the collective. I think several zodiac signs need to spend more time alone and rediscovering themselves while others need to nurture their creativity and protect their work. I think everyone should carry citrine and obsidian with the other crystals I recommended. A majority of the signs are struggling to see the next few steps in their lives. Taking a moment to plan and breathe will help everyone feel a bit more stable.

Take care, everyone! See you in September.



To learn how to get a private monthly tarot reading with Taia, be sure to check out her Patreon!

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katie wilkerson
katie wilkerson
Sep 08, 2021

Pisces here, Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz are my favs <3

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