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Editors' Note - March 2023

Hi Blossom! We’re back!! I know we took a bit of an (unintentional) hiatus, but apparently being an adult means juggling a LOT of responsibilities, and sometimes things fall by the wayside. Or more accurately, sometimes you get so overwhelmed by life that the idea of trying to write anything coherent makes you want to set your laptop on fire and run off to an Amish village where no one’s ever even heard the term “content creation.” The good news is, that feeling eventually passes, and it’s never too late to pick things back up again. Which brings us to March’s theme - second chances.

This month, we’re focusing on all the things we’ve picked up again, for better or for worse. I think it’s natural for our interests, priorities, and even relationships to ebb and flow. There are hobbies and habits that I’ve fallen out of but later welcomed back into my life with open arms. Alternatively, there are other things (e.g. certain people, bangs) that I regret ever giving a second chance. But whether we like it or not, all of those experiences come together to inform who we are today, and how we’ll respond to things in the future. I’m so excited to jump back into our regularly scheduled Blossom programming, and hopefully use the lessons we’ve learned to make Blossom even better moving forward.

For me, second chances are hard. I have a lot of pride, and it’s hard for me to admit when something isn’t working or that I’ve failed. But, as I’ve gotten older (and hopefully wiser), I’ve realized that second chances really aren’t as scary as they seem. I am fortunate to have friends and amazing creatives around to remind me that second chances aren’t a sign of failure, but a sign of renewal. And that’s what we hope this is — a renewal for Blossom.

But of course, we can’t look forward unless we look back. And I really do feel so lucky to look back and see the team, the readers, the artists and creatives who are excited to see Blossom come back in full force. I am so grateful for our steadfast Iris editor, Lyvie Scott, for leading the charge on all things to do with film crit, even when Blossom fell to the wayside. I am grateful to our editing team (Kate Saxton and Adriene Vento), who were, and are, excited to get back in the margins and help amplify young and marginalized voices. I’m grateful to our writers and artists for always putting their hearts on the page. And finally, I’m so grateful to my co-creator and best friend, Lola Estok, for always pushing me and encouraging me to be better, and for always giving me a second chance.

Thank you everyone for giving us a second chance. We can’t wait to share art and stories with you again.

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