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Editors' Note - March 2021

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Growing up, I was always told I was “blossoming” into a young lady. I had books and magazines to guide me through the changes in life and prepare me to be a good and productive member of society. But what happens once I’ve “bloomed”? Advice from older generations seems out-of-date, especially with the ever-changing socio-political landscape. I wanted a publication that tackled the issues of dating, art, politics, gender, and sexuality from the perspective of other people who don’t know what they are doing. I wanted the sincerity of a group of people who are clueless about the world but who are trying their hardest to figure it out. I wanted to create something that felt genuine and nostalgic. Something with advice and exploration that can only be found between the closest of friends or between two drunk girls in a club bathroom. Blossom is for those who want to explore their emotions, feelings, and learn more about who they really are. It will be raw, reflective, and fun, focusing on the good and bad that come with adulthood. At this point, I don’t want answers, I want introspection and stories, and that is what I hope Blossom can give to you.

Blossom’s first monthly theme is mental health, and I couldn't think of a more relevant way to kick things off. Navigating adulthood is hard. We’re at a time in our lives when so many of us are trying to figure out how to take care of ourselves. Add in job insecurity and the one-year anniversary of the United States shutting down due to a global pandemic, and life gets a lot more difficult to understand. Especially right now, when so many of us are isolated from one another, it’s easy to feel like we’re going through these problems on our own. But that’s not true. Whether we’re struggling with mental health, having trouble staying creatively motivated, or learning to keep relationships while socially distanced, it’s important to remember that there are other people trying to cope with the exact same things. We wanted to give ourselves a place to explore these issues openly and honestly, without trying to gloss over any of the messy parts. We hope that by sharing our stories, we can help others feel a little less alone.

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