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July Tarot Pulls

Hi, guys!

This month’s theme is identity! As you all know, I pull tarot cards every month for the collective, specifically Blossom Magazine’s audience. I am known as a tarot reader, but I haven’t been reading tarot for a significant chunk of my life, not enough to claim that being a tarot reader is the largest part of my identity. I started reading for others in the summer of 2020, so I’m still learning and honing my craft. However, I enjoy contributing positivity to other’s lives this way. Being a therapist was a former career goal of mine, and I’m glad I can still scratch this itch by interpreting tarot cards.

Let’s see what the cards say this month.


4 of Pentacles: stability

Fool: new beginnings

Page of Cups: love news

It looks like the stability you have been looking for is finally here. If I’m going to read these cards as I see them, I would say that you may have love news coming in. Perhaps a new crush has entered your life. Your career and finances have stabilized. It’s safe to say your ego and mental health might be looking pretty good as well. You started something new and it’s paying off.

Clarifiers: World, 5 of Swords, Knight of Swords, 7 of Wands

You’ve left your stressors behind. The World promises better opportunities ahead and the energy with the Knight of Swords and 5 of Swords feels faint. The 7 of Wands promises self-development and success on the horizon. If we look to the Page of Cups from earlier, I think we might be able to say that whoever enters your life will bring a cloak of benefits to you. If you are still feeling a bit stressed, there is a lot of fire energy in this pull for you. Consider exercising more to help your body process stress a bit faster.

I recommend rhodonite to help keep stress at bay and smoky quartz to ease any leftover fear.


Justice: weighing your options, reevaluating past decisions

Page of Swords: “making a decision”

Star: wish fulfilled

Gemini, I feel like you got what you wanted. June’s pull talked about how you were still worried about May’s events and leftover choices. You had been wondering if XYZ was a good idea and you were fighting to be optimistic. Maybe you finally figured out how to tackle the goal in front of you. Like Aquarius, something new is starting to pay off for you.

Clarifiers: 3 of Wands, Knight of Cups, Moon, 4 of Cups

I think the stagnancy of waiting around, terrified out of your mind, was the catalyst to creating a game plan for your future. The 4 of Cups here signifies that you were bored. The Moon card and 3 of Wands suggest you were able to see clearly. Whatever element was intimidating you became less daunting due to a change in perspective. I think you’ll be pretty cheerful in August. I have an urge to tell you to “keep things interesting.” Don’t let yourself get bored with this idea and quit. You have worked hard to get here.

I recommend celestite and lava stone to boost your mood.


7 of Pentacles: time management issues

King of Pentacles: “back in business”

Emperor: embracing masculine energies

This is a great improvement from last month. We still have the 7 of Pentacles here, but it feels different this time. I think you’re done “incubating” and now you are on the move. The 7 of Pentacles paired with the Emperor feels like, “Time’s a-wastin'!” The King of Pentacles seems to be saying you’re remembering your power. You are done mourning and healing. You’re thriving now, or will be soon...

Clarifiers: 4 of Swords (Reversed), King of Wands (Reversed), 4 of Cups (Reversed), 7 of Cups

But... You could be rushing things. The reversed 4 of Cups feels as though you haven’t fully rested. Maybe you’re jumping right back into life, despite needing time to recuperate from healing. There’s a reason why sick people sleep so much. The reversed 4 of Cups doesn’t feel like you’re shoving your healing aside, only that you’re stubbornly done with the process and want to get on with life. I think the reversed King of Wands and upright 7 of Cups are telling you not to move so fast so soon. Ease into it. Make sure you see things clearly.

We’re switching stones this time. Try black obsidian to block psychic attacks and clear quartz to help purify your energy field and keep things light.


Chariot: increasing pace, life is moving right along

9 of Swords: anxiety

5 of Swords (Reversed): a truce

As soon as I saw the 5 of Swords come out, I thought, “Someone has it out for you.” And then I realized it was reversed. Maybe someone had it out for you. There seems to be an uneasy truce right now, and I think all parties are trying to move on and forget what happened. This might not resonate for every Aries, so keep that in mind as you read.

Clarifiers: Fool, Magician (Reversed), 4 of Wands, 10 of Pentacles

This could possibly be a workplace issue. The 10 of Pentacles and 4 of Wands feel like a creative work environment that is usually more positive and upbeat. I think someone might be feeling “foolish” and hoping to move forward without this incident coming back up. This might not happen if it hasn’t already, but keep an eye out for your coworkers (as far as gossip goes). Consider retreating into your shell a bit until July and August wrap up.

We’ll stick with last month’s stones: yellow jasper for spiritual protection and smoky quartz to improve focus. Cleanse them with some incense smoke if you haven’t already.


Ace of Wands: new idea, burst of creativity

Hermit: solitude

8 of Wands: “rushing”

I started to shuffle these and the Hermit flew out again from the middle of my deck, I kid you not! I barely had a good grip on my cards. This is only a big deal because you had the Hermit in your pull from June.

This pull feels similar to Libra’s. You’re rushing to get back into the world, but you’re not quite ready. I think you may have developed a new idea that is enticing you back into society (since you need a patent or some sort of documentation). The 8 of Wands says, “Wait!” You may need to do some more planning before you hurry back out here.

Clarifiers: Death, 7 of Swords (Reversed), 8 of Swords, Tower (Reversed)

With future inspection, this won’t resonate for every Leo. Have you been a victim of copyright infringement, or has your intellectual property been stolen before? Maybe someone you know ran away with an idea you mentioned?

This is a rather strange pull for me, but I think the gist of it is that you had an idea stolen from you in the past. This idea was killed by someone else’s butchery. You didn’t even want to touch it and reclaim it. Now you have a better idea and you’re excited to present it to someone, with more work done and some sort of protection on it. And the very idea of showing it to someone scares you because you don’t want it to happen again.

Maybe it wasn’t anything too serious. A cooking recipe. Maybe a new way to do XYZ faster. But like I said, that first assault still feels fresh. My advice to you is to protect yourself, feel the fear, and do it anyway. The world needs your ideas.

Black obsidian will help with stress and sleep with rose quartz under your pillow to strengthen your belief in yourself. You’re going to be okay.


King of Wands (Reversed): procrastination

High Priestess: trusting your intuition

7 of Pentacles: “rearrange your priorities”

The High Priestess has been following you for a while. June’s pull was about how you felt like you were competing with those in your field and how you had very little time for yourself. Someone said something unkind to you about your work, which prompted you to prove them wrong in every aspect. I feel like you’ve done this, but now you’re left with less creativity. You may have drained the joy out of yourself unintentionally.

Clarifiers: Empress, 8 of Pentacles, King of Cups, 9 of Pentacles

You need to sit down with yourself and remember your WHY. Proving people wrong out of spite is a good reason, but it’s not enough at the end of the day. I think you lost sight of your main reason for XYZ, and you may even be feeling some imposter syndrome because of how you handled this. Remember why you love this job and soak in it.

We’re going with June’s crystals: obsidian to ward off negative energies and sunstone to keep some sunshine in your pocket. Add some clear quartz to help amplify.


5 of Pentacles: “a test of resources”

6 of Wands (Reversed): delayed victory

9 of Cups: happiness

I think your mental health isn’t at its strongest right now. With the reversed 6 of Wands and upright 5 of Pentacles, it feels as though you are struggling to hold on. I feel a sense of “drowning.” Try taking a few days to yourself (if not consecutively, then stagger them). The 9 of Cups promises a reprieve from this. You have to let yourself take a break. Whatever is bothering you so much can wait a little bit.

Clarifiers: 6 of Cups, 2 of Wands (Reversed), 4 of Cups, King of Swords

Did you take my advice from last month and take better care of yourself? You need to spend more time with your inner child. Forget about your short-term goals for now. The reversed 2 of Wands tells me they’re a bit off-kilter right now anyway. Scorpio, you need to re-center and focus on yourself.

If there are some stirring childhood wounds, I think now is the perfect time to address them. If talking to someone is too shameful, challenging, or intimidating, talk out loud in your car. You need to acknowledge these feelings so they will leave you be.

We’re going with rose quartz, amethyst, and aquamarine for a while.


Justice (Reversed): unfairness, unforeseen consequences

7 of Cups: “smoke and mirrors,” “look closer”

Death: rebirth

You may have to do some soul-searching for the next few months. Look back at events that have wounded you and others. Can you see the event clearly? Do you know what went wrong? Are you sure it wasn’t you doing the wounding?

I thought, “lack of self-awareness” when I saw the Justice card. Is it possible you may have made a mistake? What can you do better in the future?

Without the clarifiers, I can’t say for sure what the cards are talking about, but I know that not everyone has a strong sense of self-awareness. A lack of self-awareness can lead to small social circles, wishy-washy friends, and a victimhood mentality.

“Everything bad always happens to me,” some of these people might say. Or could it be, “Everything bad happens to me because I can’t see it coming. Old habits keep bringing these things to me.” Realize you still have power, even when hurt and cross.

Clarifiers: Sun, Empress (Reversed), 7 of Wands (Reversed), 10 of Swords (Reversed)

My suspicions were confirmed when I saw the reversed Empress and 7 of Wands. The Sun promises everything will work out and eventually be okay, but you need to look inward for this to happen. What kind of flaws have caused life events that made you distraught?

I want to be clear: I am not victim-blaming anyone about anything. Sexual assault, emotional abuse, physical abuse, eating disorders, etc. is never your fault. I’m talking about nasty breakups that you may have had a part in, disruptive or toxic workplaces that you may have unintentionally contributed to... I am talking about things you may have helped along unintentionally. Walking around with a lack of self-awareness is bad because you can ruin good things and you don’t know you’re doing it.

It’s not as simple as, “Everyone thinks I’m a bad person because being called XYZ always upsets me and I blow up.” It’s something a bit more concrete, like acknowledging and working on triggers that keep you from blowing up on people, or realizing that doing XYZ pushes people away when you don’t want them to go. That sort of thing.

I’ll hop off my soapbox. Carry around some black tourmaline and rose quartz for a while.


Chariot: increasing pace, life is moving right along

High Priestess: trusting your intuition

Page of Cups (Reversed): unwanted love news, love trouble

This pull feels much more positive than last month’s pull. In June, some of you were struggling to heal from a relationship in your life. You were left wounded and confused about your place in this person’s life. I feel like you have moved on now and are much more wary about bringing people into your own life. I wish you hadn’t gotten hurt first to be more careful.

Clarifiers: 6 of Swords, Knight of Swords, 4 of Cups, Lovers

You may have two suitors coming to you fairly soon. However, the idea of love stresses you out. You may not want to pick them. Who said you had to? I think you should spend the first half of August focusing on yourself and making sure you are okay before you consider adding this person into your life. It won’t be easy at first. You might feel a twinge as you remember your former person, but know that falling in love isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Keep carrying your healing crystals from June: chrysocolla and clear quartz.


3 of Swords (Reversed): lingering wounds

8 of Wands (Reversed): stuck in place

Devil (Reversed): “your bad habits are smothering you”

I feel like you may be trying to work on some bad habits of yours, but either they’re not moving fast enough for you or you’re tackling these habits for the wrong reason. This pull feels foggy to me. I think you want to heal and you want to “get better,”, but something isn’t working. Like Libra and Gemini, you may need to take a moment to remember why you are here. What do you want to do? What makes you happy? It almost feels like you’re living your life for other people and you don’t want to admit it.

Clarifiers: 3 of Wands (Reversed), Ace of Swords, Page of Pentacles, 6 of Wands

You’re building a life, but not for you. The Page of Pentacles suggests changing things up. Try something new while you are figuring all of this out. Take on a new mindset. The Ace of Swords encourages you to do so. The 6 of Wands promises a better start, but you have to be willing to see it through.

This pull may not resonate with everyone, but I think you should consider finding a counselor. I can’t say why, but I got some substance abuse vibes from this pull. It can be hard to stay sober when life feels better when you’re high and numb to the struggles. But it’s even harder to find yourself afterward. Stay sober and reach out for help. There are people who care about you and want to see you succeed. We’re rooting for you.

We’re going to keep June’s crystals: selenite to cleanse your energetic field and hematite for grounding.


10 of Wands: overwork, creative burnout

3 of Pentacles: building, creative adventures

4 of Swords: rest, a reprieve from mental anguish

Virgo, you’ve had a hard few months. It seems like you have been having more fun making art lately, but now you’re burned out. Take a few days (or weeks) off to rest. Watch old movies. Spend more time outside in your city, walking around with a mask on. Find inspiration in the world around you. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t make the magic happen right now. One thing about magic: it is always there, waiting for you to tap into it.

Clarifiers: Queen of Pentacles (Reversed), 9 of Pentacles, Ace of Swords (Reversed), 5 of Swords (Reversed)

You may be feeling a bit like Sagittarius: that you have you prove your worth to work. Please try to accept the fact that you’re only competing with yourself. No one else. This current mindset will only stifle your creativity and throw you into a brutal boxing match with imposter syndrome and low self-esteem. The reversed Queen of Pentacles is begging you to spend more time creating for fun. See if you can alleviate some of the self-applied pressure and relax.

We’re keeping June’s stones: tiger’s eye to increase your natural creativity and hematite for grounding.


Queen of Pentacles: self-care

Fool: new beginnings

6 of Pentacles (Reversed): lack of resources

It seems to me that Capricorns are still doubting their potential. Your lack of self-care isn’t helping. Ever heard of “You look good, so you must feel good”? It’s a silly and sometimes isolating phrase, but I think if you catch up on your self-care and grooming, you’ll be able to think more clearly.

Clarifiers: Knight of Wands, 2 of Cups, Queen of Cups (Reversed), World (Reversed)

You had the Knight of Wands as your clarifier from last month, too. Whatever you are procrastinating on, you need to finish it. You won’t feel better until you do. I think the Queen of Cups is saying you need to remember the emotional core of what you’re doing. Have you lost sight of this due to the legal technicalities and all of that B.S.? Remember why you wanted to create this. The money and resources will come.

I recommend aventurine and citrine to draw in monetary assistance and creativity.

Overall Energy for the Collective in July 2021:

There were quite a few cards that indicated the collective felt like life was moving too slow. Most of the signs are either procrastinating on something, need to finetune whatever they’re working on, or have lost sight of why they decided to begin this path. I think every sign needs to reflect on their short-term goals and make adjustments when needed. The world is changing and our pre-Covid goals are no longer the same, or as doable. Still doable, but a bit harder. I think some introspection and planning will help immensely.

Take care, everyone! See you in August.



To learn how to get a private monthly tarot reading with Taia, be sure to check out her Patreon!

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