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June Tarot Pulls

Hello there!

This month’s theme is friendship! Some of the articles have been about making friends and being a good person to other people. I think we can all agree that our friends have saved our lives and sanity at one point or another. We are a mosaic of our friends and family, and without any of them, we wouldn’t be the people that we are today. The relationships in our lives are keys to understanding who we are as individuals. Each friend has the potential to introduce interests and hobbies into our everyday routines, shape our values, outline our morals, and help us find our reason for being here. Without friends, there is no us.

I hope you are surrounded by genuine people who care about you. This is one of the many blessings you deserve without question.


  • Queen of Wands: nurturing creative energy

  • 2 of Pentacles: balance

  • 4 of Pentacles: mental stability, stability in self-confidence

This is a much better pull since the last time we saw each other. I can see that stability is coming in, or has already arrived. Since the Queen of Wands is here, this feels like you’re allowing yourself to try new things without the pressure of failing. To put this in plainer terms, I'd say that you finally relaxed and allowed yourself to start something new. You’re not worried about how things will work out, and it seems that you’ve discovered a balance.

Clarifiers: Page of Swords, Lovers (Reversed), Justice, and King of Cups (Reversed)

I think you’re in the middle of releasing yourself from the burden of pleasing others. You are giving yourself what is owed: the ability to express yourself. Something has been distracting you lately, but you finally turned your back on it to focus on yourself and what you deserve. This is great news. If it hasn’t happened yet, it will be soon. June should feel good for you. Stable and calm.

I recommend clear quartz and amazonite to bring clarity to your life.


  • 9 of Pentacles (Reversed): missing piece

  • Devil: bad habits, repeating harmful behaviors

  • Moon: illusions

You’re confused about something. I want to say it’s regarding your finances, but I won’t know for sure until I pull some clarifiers. My first impression is that your confusion comes from your ego. Someone or something isn’t what it seemed to be, and you might be feeling wounded from being blindsided with this knowledge. The Devil suggests you may have a bad habit of not reading the fine print.

Clarifiers: Chariot, 8 of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles (Reversed)

I pulled the 4 of Pentacles for Aquarius and shuffled it back in. It came out reversed. So there’s that. This confusion is not a good sign to see. You needed this decision to work out so you can continue on with your life. The Chariot and reversed 9 of Pentacles feel like this missing piece is important. Perhaps you were trying to learn a new skill before a certain day, but maybe this new path or adventure cost more than you expected or a surprise expense popped up. You may need to do some budgeting if you still need this skill. I wish you luck! Keep your eyes peeled in June.

I think I’ll recommend the same crystals from May’s article: ametrine and danburite to increase creativity.


  • Sun (Reversed): festering wound, depression

  • 3 of Wands (Reversed): creative block

  • 6 of Cups (Reversed): stuck in the past

This feels like last month’s round of tarot card pulls. There is a stubborn childhood wound that isn’t going anywhere, and I think you’re losing the resolve to keep working on it. You’re tiring out and maybe you don’t want to admit you need help. June is a good month for self-reflection.

Clarifiers: Hanged Man, Page of Wands (Reversed), Wheel (Reversed), 8 of Wands (Reversed)

I think you should consider talking to someone. This round of card pulls for you is indicating a loss of creativity and depression. The Hanged Man tells me you’re waiting for something good to happen, maybe some positive news, but the reversed Wheel says maybe you’ve been waiting a long time. It’s time to create your own good news. The cards are pushing you to rediscover your desire to create. Do you remember why you used to draw? Paint? Sing? See if you can recover the joy for this.

Same crystals as last month, since the issues seem similar to me: put amethyst under your pillow for better sleep and carry sunstone in your pocket to draw in happiness.


  • Ace of Swords (Reversed): stubborn mindset

  • 3 of Cups: socializing with friends, friend groups

  • 8 of Wands: communication, things moving quickly

I think you’ve been discouraged from a new career path and are currently relying on your friends to cheer you up. Don’t get me wrong, I know things will work out and you won’t have to stress so much. However, I think you should reconsider why you were pulled away from your first choice and review your decision from an objective point of view. If you still want to do it, is there a way to make it work?

Clarifiers: 4 of Swords, 8 of Cups, 10 of Pentacles, 8 of Swords

I think reevaluating your decision is the best course of action for now. It is safe to say you have been feeling trapped in your current situation and maybe this new job seemed a bit too good to be true. I understand needing friends in your corner right now because I would want mine in my corner as well. However, you need to make sure you take the next opportunity. As long as you can make it work and you’re doing what you love, what’s the harm? You might be surprised at how happy you become.

I recommend lapis lazuli to improve communication and selenite to cleanse your energetic field.


  • 2 of Wands (Reversed): failure to think short-term, goals falling flat

  • 3 of Swords: heartbreak, pain

  • King of Swords: a shift in focus, needing to make decisions

My best guess without assuming much is that a recent breakup or terrible surprise has derailed both your short-term and long-term plans. If that’s the case. I feel that this is for some specific Leos, so this won’t resonate for everyone. I am under the impression this card pull is focused more on relationships versus an unfortunate event in someone’s career.

Clarifiers: Strength, 4 of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles (Reversed), and Knight of Cups (Reversed)

The reversed Page and Knight feel like a separated couple to me. In order to heal, you should consider writing this person a note and burning it. It’s going to take some time to let them go, but with the Strength card here, you’ll quickly discover that you can live without them, and you can live happily. You need to get these emotions out in a safe and healthy way. Make healing a priority for now.

I won’t throw doom and gloom in your life. If this doesn’t resonate with you, it's not for you. Don’t try to make this fit. I do not predict anything in my readings. However, if this happened recently for you, you know what to do: focus on your healing.

I recommend rose quartz to promote emotional healing and obsidian to create a shield against negative energies.


  • Judgement: reflecting on old decisions

  • High Priestess: trusting your intuition

  • Death (Reversed): rebirth, slow death

If we look at last month’s article, we saw you struggling with indecision regarding a change in lifestyle. It seems to me that you decided or will decide to trust yourself and move forward. You may reflect on the decision later and reach your own conclusions.

Clarifiers: 7 of Wands (Reversed), King of Wands, Chariot (Reversed), Knight of Swords

It is possible you will make a decision by the time you read this. If you’re still paralyzed, I think you may have to talk to a trusted older adult who can give you some advice. The Knight of Swords is here, indicating this is stressing you out and has been for a while. The reversed 7 of Wands feels like you’re given up on making the decision yourself. The King is pushing you to decide and maybe consider an “out of the box” approach, but the reversed Chariot also suggests paralysis. Probably analysis-paralysis. Find someone you trust and bring them your worries. It’s going to work out.

I recommend lapis lazuli, which will help you make decisions, and selenite to help clear your mind and energetic field.


  • 8 of Swords: feeling trapped or stuck

  • Moon (Reversed): illusions

  • King of Swords: a shift in focus, needing to make decisions

Like Aries, you may be having trouble making a decision. The King of Swords feels like you have already made up your mind about what you want to do, but now you’re feeling trapped by circumstances. It seems like you didn’t have all of the details when you made this decision. More information has been brought to your attention and I think you want a second chance.

Clarifiers: 3 of Cups, King of Wands, 2 of Wands (Reversed), Ace of Swords

Confirmed. You might want a do-over now that you have more information. Maybe you were venting to your friends about how you’ve been feeling, and they helped you reach a new understanding about something. The reversed 2 of Wands reiterates that you were blindsided by recent events, and now you aren’t sure what to do. The King of Wands suggests you should get creative. Think outside of the box. Like Aries, ask yourself how you can make this work out for you.

I think you should use Sagittarius’s stones: lapis lazuli and selenite.


  • Empress (Reversed): lack, emptiness

  • Devil: bad habits, repeating harmful behaviors

  • 8 of Pentacles: perfectionism, misdirected attention

It seems to me you have been a victim of your inner critic lately. The reversed Empress and 8 of Pentacles together feel like a dip in self-esteem and self-confidence. The Devil is revealing this as a bad habit of yours. You’ll need to take some time to nurture yourself if you haven’t started already.

Clarifiers: Knight of Cups, Chariot (Reversed), 3 of Pentacles (Reversed), 9 of Swords (Reversed)

I feel like some of these insecurities may have come back because of an incoming or departed love offer. Maybe you asked someone out and they rejected you, or someone asked you out and you rejected them because you thought they were out of your league. You definitely have some building to do within yourself. The energy surrounding the 9 of Swords feels faint. I think you know what you have to do, but you won’t do enough work because this is a habit of yours. I suggest you focus on getting rid of the habit first and then work on your self-esteem.

I recommend citrine and carnelian to help you stabilize.


  • High Priestess: trusting intuition

  • 8 of Cups: abandonment, transitioning, grieving what was

  • 7 of Wands: incoming victory, perseverance

You’re having a hard time letting go of someone or something. You know that you need to. In fact, it’s safe to say you trust your intuition more than most people. The grief surrounding this person comes and goes in waves. It’s getting easier, but not fast enough for you.

Clarifiers: 7 of Pentacles, Hanged Man (Reversed), 5 of Pentacles, 4 of Cups

You’re not waiting for this person to come back anymore, and if you are, you should stop waiting. The 4 of Cups with the 5 of Pentacles feels like, “I miss who I was with you.” I’m really sorry you’re going through this. The 7 of Pentacles gives me the impression you want to move on, but part of you is still hoping they come back. Moving on now feels like a waste of time. However, the reversed Hanged Man feels like this tiny part hoping they return. I think you need to have an honest talk with yourself.

This may not resonate with every Cancer. This pull feels rather specific.

I recommend carnelian for confidence and hematite for obsidian to help block negative energies.


  • 4 of Swords: mental rest

  • 2 of Swords: stalemate, indecision

  • 7 of Cups: unfulfilling, blind-sided by an unknown factor

This feels like May’s article to me. You’re still undecided about what to do. Upon further inspection, you may have realized something wasn’t what it seemed to be. The 4 of Swords is telling you to take some time off and sleep on this decision. Distance may help you choose.

Clarifiers: Empress, 4 of Wands, Fool, Page of Wands

Expect some news while you’re taking a break. The Empress is reminding you to remember your accomplishments. Look at how far you’ve come. You still have a ways to go. The Fool feels like you might be starting over soon, either in a new city or a new job. Something brand new is coming for you. Show gratitude for what you have now to make room for what you will have soon.

We’re going to go with last month’s crystals: black onyx and rhodochrosite.


  • Queen of Swords (Reversed): overwhelmed by obligations, paralyzed

  • Hermit (Reversed): needing time alone

  • Knight of Swords: stressor

Something is stressing you out. Unlike last month’s article, this feels rather all-consuming. I think you need to take some time and unplug from everything. See if you can plan a trip out of state to help you regroup. I feel like a certain Virgo feels as though they are losing control and have buried their head in the sand. Or perhaps you are trying to recover by burying your head in the sand. This pull feels specific, so this may not apply to you.

Clarifiers: King of Wands (Reversed), 9 of Wands, Queen of Wands, Knight of Wands

There is a ton of suppressed creativity here. A trip out of town (even to a nearby landmark) would be immensely beneficial to you. There are quite a few Court cards as your clarifiers. I think you should consider bringing someone along with you to help some of those creative juices flow again. Take a sketchbook or notebook with you! Also, consider finding a mentor to help you stay on track. This is the perfect time to ignore your inner critic and make something.

I recommend tiger’s eye and amethyst to increase your natural creativity.


  • Empress: abundance, nurturer, feminine energy

  • 6 of Swords: moving on

  • Emperor: provider, power and authority, masculine energy

Like Leo, I think you may have gone through a tough breakup recently as well. I am not writing this to incite fear in you, only to understand the cards. The Emperor and Empress are a couple (at least to me) and represent masculine and feminine energy, though I wouldn’t interpret this as a heterosexual couple. The 6 of Swords feels clear as day to me: “we just broke up.”

Clarifiers: Moon, 2 of Cups, Star, 10 of Cups

I won’t be messy and say someone may have gotten what they wanted out of the breakup. It does appear that this split may have been beneficial for both of you in surprising ways. Perhaps the relationship was toxic, and now both of you are able to refocus on yourself and your healing. The 10 of Cups and Star cards feel like, “Yes! Finally!” I’ll leave you to interpret that... Again, the 2 of Cups feels like a shift in focus, finally prioritizing yourself. This is good, but only if the breakup needed to happen. Codependence can be lethal to young lovers, especially inexperienced ones, and spending time on yourself is the next best thing you can do for now.

This could also be interpreted as a friendship breakup as well, not necessarily romantic. Happiness is coming soon, or depending on your situation, it may already be here.

I recommend rose quartz and amethyst to allow for healing and a peaceful transition to singlehood.

Overall Energy for the Collective in June 2021:

Some of the zodiac signs are still unsure about what they should do next. There are a few of them who are too intimidated by the choices in front of them to decide. Others are healing from tough breakups and they’re in the process of rediscovering themselves. I think June and the months to come may be a bit challenging, due to all of the work involved, but they will definitely be rewarding.

Take care, everyone! See you in July.



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