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September Tarot Pulls

Hi, everyone!

This month’s theme is love. Some of the previous articles by other writers have been about accepting parts of themselves and other people they care about. Other articles have been about TV shows and movies, while some of our authors kept their focus close to home and write about finding self-love and self-acceptance.

As far as love goes, I love love. The idea of being so attached to someone that you would do anything you could to ease their suffering, make them laugh, console them while they cry... Love is such a pure force that honestly should make the world go ‘round instead of money.

I encourage you all to stop looking for love. It will come to you when you are busy doing your own thing. I know this sounds cliché, but it really will come when you least expect it and it will come in the form that you need it to be. Love doesn’t harm or be jealous. Love doesn’t bicker or start fights. You may not know love when you see it, but it will know you. And you will recognize it eventually.

Enough of my preaching. Let’s look at the article.


Ace of Swords: new mindset

8 of Swords: feeling trapped, restricted

Temperance: “everything will be okay”

There is a new mindset that you are not ready to embrace. This change of thinking would create a snowball effect and change your entire lifestyle, and you're not quite ready for it. Luckily, Temperance encourages you forward with good promises. The 8 of Swords speaks of the present: you already feel trapped. Surely, such a big change wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing?

Clarifiers: Devil, 7 of Swords, King of Swords, Queen of Pentacles

The only way forward is extensive and deliberate self-care, as well as evaluating your life objectively. Are you happy? What stressors need to go for you to be happy? What will make your life more peaceful? Once you have the answers to these questions, implement the needed changes. Don't be miserable living your life. It is yours! Take care of it and yourself.

You need to take on the energy of the Court cards (Queen and King cards in this pull) for the entirety of October.

We’re going to keep August’s crystals: rhodonite to help keep stress at bay and citrine to increase your confidence.


Queen of Cups: emotional maturity, heart to heart

9 of Cups (Reversed): unhappiness

Magician: manifestation, creation

I think you have been remembering your own power this month. Next month will really test your emotional intelligence. You may have a difficult conversation with a feminine figure in your life. I think everything will be okay in the end as long as you both hear each other out.

This doesn’t feel like it has anything to do with August’s article, so for some Geminis, that chapter of your life may be over.

Clarifiers: 7 of Cups, Temperance (Reversed), Devil, King of Swords (Reversed)

I feel like everything that has occurred so far regarding this person has been a big misunderstanding. The 7 of Cups implies a miscommunication of sorts while the Devil card suggests that ignoring miscommunication and moving on may be a habit of yours. Geminis are often misunderstood, so this may not be anything new for you. However, consider you may be the one who misunderstood. I think you both need to approach the conversation with an open mind. This won't resonate for every Gemini, but all of you should be mindful of how you communicate for the next month and a half.

I recommend carnelian and aquamarine to improve your communication for the time being.


9 of Swords: anxiety, dissociation

5 of Wands: competitive energy

Ace of Wands: new creative project, burst of creative energy

You have been recovering from some childhood wounds for most of the year and I think everything is starting to turn around for you. I feel a sense of competitiveness in this spread since we are greeted by the 5 of Wands again. I think you should direct this energy to your past self and not your peers. You can only outdo yourself and I think the Ace of Wands may be indicating that this will be a creative adventure for you, so enjoy the ride.

You may be feeling as though you have wasted the first few months of 2021. You didn’t. You had some much-needed healing to do.

Clarifiers: The Sun, 3 of Cups, Star, Ace of Pentacles

I think this is the most positive spread you've had so far this year. As always, the Sun promises everything will be okay despite the appearance of current circumstances. Lean onto your friends for support as you fully embrace the creative side of your life again. The Star and Ace of Pentacles indicate a rise in self-esteem as you discover exactly what you need in your life. Any lingering anxiety will be gone soon. All the work you have done so far will start to pay off.

We’re going to keep the black tourmaline and hold onto carnelian to boost your energy.


Moon (Reversed): unable to see clearly, confusion

5 of Wands: competitive energy

9 of Cups: happiness

Aries, I think you may be or will be sifting through the fog that's around you. The 9 of Cups implies that whatever has been troubling you or causing confusion may have been an emotional matter. It seems to me that things are looking up in a more positive way now that you know what you are dealing with.

Clarifiers: Queen of Wands, Queen of Pentacles, King of Pentacles, 8 of Cups

The 5 of Wands from earlier can imply the confusion took place in a work environment. I want to say that the Court cards indicate your coworkers. Hopefully, things are much more peaceful now. You are encouraged to take better care of yourself and your finances, as well as look to the future with hope and brighter eyes. I suggest sticking to a budget for the rest of the year and creating a self-care routine that actually makes you happy.

The Queen cards suggest working on your ego and pride, so when the dust finally settles, you are ready for what is in front of you. The 8 of Cups urges you to keep things moving once things make more sense to you. Don’t linger in the dust. There is nothing there. It seems that the issues from August are still in the process of resolving. Refer back to August’s article while you navigate October.

We’re going to keep the yellow jasper from July and the rose quartz from August.


10 of Swords: overwork, overburdened

8 of Wands: rapid movement

King of Pentacles (Reversed): financial instability

This pull seems to be continuing the story from August and July. Some of the Leos were considering obtaining an LLC to protect your intellectual property. If you are a Leo and this reading hasn’t resonated with you so far, consider booking a personal reading with me so we can discuss your story together.

So, for my Leos with the legal problems, I think your problems are unfortunately multiplying. You seem to be having trouble stabilizing your finances. I think you need to do some budgeting for each month until January 2022 and stick to it. This feels like a recurring problem, partly due to the fact that you can't save up much money. Swe if you can find a trusted individual, maybe even a certified public accountant if you have a small business, a d ask them for help. Most CPAs should be able to answer basic questions without charging a fee if you schedule an appointment.

Clarifiers: Ace of Cups (Reversed), Knight of Wands, 2 of Cups (Reversed), 10 of Pentacles (Reversed)

A CPA should help with your budgeting problem. I think your next concern should be your self-love. Do you beat yourself up when it comes to financial matters or when you get a surprise bill? I think the King of Wands may be suggesting the start of a creative venture that has always called to you. Perhaps the idea of protecting your property has. The energy of the reversed cards implies that it needs to be something you love. Consider this while you rework your finances and see if it is something you can pursue.

I recommend blue quartz and clear quartz to improve focus.


10 of Wands: creative burnout

7 of Cups: misinterpretations, “smoke and mirrors”

Knight of Pentacles: financial independence

In August’s article, you were struggling to believe in your work ethic and your creative abilities. You also feel out of love with the project you had been working on. I think you may have done the work to keep moving, even reigniting your inspiration, and your next steps require more from you. There is some learning that needs to take place, but your brain is fried. You have been overloading yourself with information lately and it shows. You need to have more playtime in October and go easy on the studying. The 10 of Wands indicates you don’t have the extra brainpower to absorb more knowledge so definitely schedule restorative breaks while you work.

Clarifiers: Hermit, 6 of Cups, 7 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords

I'm not exactly sure what has demanded so much of your brainpower recently, but you are being encouraged to rest your mind more in the upcoming months. Prioritize buffer time where you entertain yourself with mindless games, maybe even cartoons. The 6 of Cups suggests a visit to your inner child. Clock out from being an adult for a little bit every day. The 7 of Swords suggests entrapment, which is how so many of us are feeling these days. Taking more time for yourself is crucial for the state of your mental health.

I recommend pink opal to improve your focus and amethyst for a good night’s sleep.


8 of Pentacles: developing skills, learning

Ace of Pentacles: financial stability, increase in finances

8 of Cups: moving on, emotionally wounded

I think Scorpios, Aquariuses, and Sagittariuses are going through a similar problem, only you need to pick a place to begin. You also need to spend some time learning as well, but it seems to pertain to your career instead of spending time on your creative projects. Maybe you chose a brand new path over the summer that you recently realized you weren't fully prepared for. This is okay. Allow room in your mind and heart for the new job so you can flourish.

Clarifiers: Ace of Swords, 3 of Swords, Sun, 2 of Wands

The 2 of Wands suggests you need to create some goals for yourself while you gain your footing at this new job. I know it hurts to leave your old one, but you had your reasons and you need to remember them while you work through this. The Sun card promises a positive outcome while you move forward. The 3 of Swords is here to remind you of what you gained by proceeding with this new change. Give yourself grace.

I recommend rose quartz and citrine to stabilize you for the next month.


Ace of Cups: clean emotional slate, new emotional start

Knight of Cups: new suitor coming, incoming creative news

Hierophant: traditional methods and ways

It seems to me that you are having a creative block due to following rules or any restricting formulas. I can also speculate and say that this current "problem" is a romantic one. The hierophant suggests someone may be in it for the long haul while the other person might not be looking at the relationship so closely. However, all cards are upright and the Hierophant's energy seems weak. You may be well on your way to a resolution of sorts.

Clarifiers: 5 of Pentacles, 8 of Wands, 4 of Wands, 4 of Cups

The Wands cards clarify that for some of the Pisces reading this, the problem is a creative one and not romantic. There is something holding you back from moving forward with total confidence. I believe it is the formulas, rules, etc. that may be stifling your creativity. The 4 of Cups suggests stagnancy while the 8 of Wands implies swiftness and rapid change. I think you should try to abide by the rules a little bit longer until you find a weak spot that allows you more room. Some rules are made to be broken as long as no one else is harmed. Find your flow and stick with it.

I recommend citrine and aventurine to help with your creativity.


6 of Swords: moving on

Wheel of Fortune: new cycle

2 of Swords: indecision

You have been debating about ending something for a while. This may happen often - you don't know when to let go. The Wheel of Fortune is encouraging a new beginning. The 2 of Swords signified your indecision and the 6 of Swords tells me that you're not ready to move on quite yet. Think about the good this could do for you.

Clarifiers: King of Wands, Hanged Man (reversed), 7 of Wands (reversed), Hermit

You may need a support system to help you reach a decision. The Hanged Man feels pretty impatient to me while the Hermit asks for more time. Consider writing a pros and cons list to help with this decision. If all else fails, consult some of your friends for help. This is weighing on your heart for a reason. The King of Wands suggests a renewed passion once you reach a conclusion.

Last month, some of the Cancers were debating becoming polyamorous. It sounds like the conversation went poorly for some of you. It may hurt right now, but I am sure you did the right thing. Your actions shouldn’t create require your partner to make ultimatums for themselves. If you haven’t reached a conclusion with your loved one yet, you will soon.

I think you should use Gemini’s crystals (carnelian and aquamarine) until this matter is resolved.


7 of Swords: theft

4 of Wands (Reversed): unstable creative energy

5 of Pentacles (Reversed): loss of financial resources, wounded ego

Last month, some of you were dealing with substance abuse problems. I think this month is a month of reflection on the time you have left. Not in a, "wow, life moves fast," way but in a, "you have your whole life to live." The 7 of Swords feels very, "look what you have done" in a rather accusatory way that I don't appreciate. The reversed 4 of Wands isn't my favorite card either in this spread.

Clarifiers: Knight of Wands (Reversed), 3 of Cups, Hierophant, 4 of Cups

I think the cards are really calling you out today. You need to rely on your friends for help. Create a support system. Then you need to find someone to talk to. I'm fairly sure I mentioned this last time, but the reversed Knight of Wands tells me you're not doing anything. You need to help yourself. Your inactivity is starting to poison you. It's okay to need help. The support system will be immensely beneficial. If you don’t have a support system, please look into healthy coping mechanisms while you navigate this difficult time.

If this didn't resonate with you, consider booking a personal reading with me. I don't think this is the current situation every Taurus is dealing with.

We’re going to keep July’s crystals: selenite and hematite. Add black obsidian to the mix to help you stabilize.


Empress (Reversed): lack mindset

3 of Pentacles: building finances, financial growth

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed): “stuck on the merry-go-round”

Some of the Virgos were dealing with an unfriendly friend group in August’s article. You may have been dealing with some imposter syndrome or self-doubt regarding this idea. You're in the middle of building something or trying to convince yourself to start, and you're losing momentum because you may have been feeling like you don't do, look, seem XYZ enough. Give yourself more credit. So many things wouldn't be here without you.

As far as the unfriendly friend group, you are better off without them. Being authentic around people who truly care about you will always be worth more than pretending to be someone else around a group of people that secretly dislike you. You will find your people.

Clarifiers: Ace of Wands, Queen of Swords (Reversed), 9 of Pentacles, 6 of Swords

The Swords cards suggests moving right along from this insufficient mindset. The Queen of Swords indicates a lack of activity and precision. The self-doubt is getting in your way. For my business-minded Virgos: If you need more financial support, consider starting a GoFundMe or crowdfunding. If you need a boost in self-esteem, look for the ones who need your product. Ask them for ideas and suggestions. You're not making this for no reason.

Regarding friends: go out more. The Swords cards are still encouraging you to meet more people.

I recommend rose quartz to improve self-love and pink opal to help you socialize a bit easier.


8 of Wands: releasing creative energy

7 of Wands: hold your ground

7 of Pentacles: time-management

I think you're having a few time-management issues right now. The 8 of Wands suggests an inability to release a certain aspect of a project or a project together. The 7 of Wands indicates that there is more learning to do before you can make any more progress. Lastly, the 7 of pentacles feels like you're trying to do all of this at once. You already know what I'm going to say: do it in chunks.

In August’s article, you were having trouble accepting and adapting to a lifestyle change. It seems like you have decided to take on the challenge, but you were unprepared for everything that came with it.

Clarifiers: 10 of Wands, 10 of Cups (Reversed), 4 of Pentacles, Knight of Cups (Reversed)

It looks like there are several things keeping you from managing your time before: lovers and quarrels, poor mental health, financial stability. It's going to be hard, but you need to sift through all of this and still have time for yourself. The next month or two may be a bit stressful while you manage this, but I have faith in you. The 4 of Pentacles promises stability and I strongly believe that you can have the happiness indicated by the 10 of Cups. Do what you can in the meantime while things settle.

I recommend aventurine and citrine to attract more wealth and higher self-esteem into your life.

Overall Energy for the Collective in September 2021:

There were quite a few Aces, indicating that some of the signs are finally embracing the new beginnings presented to them. I think some of the collective is having the artist in them wake up while others are realizing they need to become more business-minded to successfully take on the challenges that await them. The energy wasn’t negative for the collective at all, and everyone is being urged to take better care of themselves while they accept these new changes in their lives. I think everything is going to be alright and I can’t wait to see what October holds.

Take care, everyone! See you in October.



To learn how to get a private monthly tarot reading with Taia, be sure to check out her Patreon!

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