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What Roe v. Wade Means to Us

Our intention for May was to celebrate femininity in all of its forms. We had planned to publish a different article today, but after hearing that the Supreme Court is considering a move to overturn Roe v. Wade, it didn’t feel right to carry on as if nothing was happening. We can’t celebrate femininity while ignoring the fact that reproductive rights are about to be stripped away across the country.

This news is scary, saddening, and confusing, but it’s important to remember that we’re all in this fight together. We reached out to the Blossom community to hear their feelings on Roe v. Wade, and how despite everything, they’re managing to remain hopeful for the future.

What does Roe v. Wade mean to you?

At the very least, to me, Roe v. Wade set an example of how the government can protect us which is increasingly becoming a fleeting idea in our reality. It’s ridiculous that we need a written agreement that states our entitlement to our own bodies, but it was a step in the right direction and provided what is now temporary safety.

- Anonymous, 23, AFAB nonbinary person

It means assurance and protection. Being from Texas, the issue of abortion has always been in the rotation of political conversations. This is especially true with the recent passing of some bills in Texas that directly affect those in need of an abortion. So hearing this news is heartbreaking, and I unfortunately know people who are from Texas would not think the same.

- Marian, 24, cis woman

To me, Roe v. Wade is synonymous with bodily autonomy. As a trans person, Roe v. Wade is something I can point at to assert that yes, I do have the right to go on hormones and stop having periods and if I want to, even surgically remove my uterus. It's my body, and I get to choose what to do with it. Yes, Roe v. Wade literally means that people have access to abortions. But it also symbolizes the inherent rights that we all should have in regard to our own bodies.

- Anonymous, 26, trans man

How do you feel knowing Roe v. Wade may be overturned?

I’m just so tired. The lack of separation between church and state is so blatant and so infuriating. It seems like this country just keeps taking bigger and bigger steps backward, and I wish I could say that I’m surprised. It’s disheartening to become so numb and to lose all hope in a system that is supposed to protect us. The fact that this is happening right after how terribly the pandemic was handled, it’s more clear than ever that our health and wellness is not a priority.

- Emma, 24, cis woman

There’s not much you can say when your body autonomy and human rights are attacked. It feels like we are being thrust into a time machine by people who are no longer relevant to the now. Those in the SC who don’t deal with the everyday that Roe v. Wade protects are the ones who have the power to take down this protective law. Also, we all know that the canceling of Roe v. Wade will not bring about change like better foster care systems, better medical services for pregnant women, or an improvement in American social work standards. It’ll just bring about more heartbreak and death.

- Marian, 24, cis woman

As a person of color who occupies a body that can be deemed as “governed,” I am disgusted with our government’s actions. I think this is an act of dehumanization and to happen in the midst of such a seemingly progressive period of time is appalling and ludicrous.

- Anonymous, 23, AFAB nonbinary person

It's sickening to know that women will die because of this decision. I had to sit and listen to an elected Oklahoma representative ask why the rights of an ectopic pregnancy are not covered in an abortion bill they were discussing. He was so confused as to why the "children" of ectopic pregnancies are not safe from abortion. It took me less than a second to realize that man has no idea what an ectopic pregnancy is... With the very limited information he has, he will make ill-informed decisions that will kill people. And that's just one lawmaker in one state. This decision will not only rob millions of Americans of their right to the autonomy of their own bodies, but it will also doom an unfathomable number of people who wouldn't have been able to carry their pregnancies to term to death.

- Ellen, 25, cis woman

Overturning Roe v. Wade feels like we are going back in history. It is frustrating that certain men in power feel the need to take away the right for women to have a choice over their own bodies.

- Jessica, 25, cis woman

What's that Simpson meme? Haha, I'm in danger. But like, anyone with a uterus. We're in danger.

- Anonymous, 26, trans man

An illustration of a uterus holding the scales of justice
Art by Kate Saxton

What is making you feel hopeful right now?

What makes me hopeful now is what’s always kept me hopeful throughout all of the political turmoil I’ve seen as a young adult. The uproar of our youth keeps me hopeful. To know that there are other like-minded young people willing to speak up and stand for their rights is as hopeful as it gets. I hope we can make a change somehow.

- Anonymous, 23, AFAB nonbinary person

Knowing that people are taking action in being preventative. For example, I watched a video of a woman talking about Plan B stockpiling and how one can become an independent provider in places like college campuses. She also noted to not buy from stores and only online to avoid cleaning out what’s in store for emergencies. Education is power, and if we educate ourselves on safe alternative ways to stay sexually healthy then maybe we can undo the effects of overturning Roe V Wade

- Marian, 24, cis woman

Seeing others around me becoming upset in regards to what is going on gives me hope that not only are we not alone, but hopefully there are enough people to do something to stand up for what is right.

- Jessica, 25, cis woman

My students. I'm a teacher of high school seniors and the vast majority of them are vocally supportive of choice when it comes to one's own body. They are the future, and even if I can't change the decisions being made on the Supreme Court right now, I can still help teach the next generation of voters to have empathy and more carefully consider the views of their candidates before casting a ballot for the person who installs our justices.

- Anonymous, 26, trans man

That all of these old assholes in power will be dead someday, and then hopefully we can eventually burn this system to the ground and start over.

- Emma, 24, cis woman


If you are seeking an abortion, may need one in the future, or if you want to know what actionable steps you can take right now, we’ve compiled a list of resources for you.

Abortion Funds

13 states have trigger laws - laws that would make abortion illegal as soon as Roe v. Wade is overturned. We’ve compiled a list of funds you can donate or reach out to across those 13 states.

The Arkansas Abortion Support Network is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, whose mission is to reduce barriers to abortion access in Arkansas. They provide patient escorting, financial and logistical support for the procedure, travel, lodging, and child care, and educational resources throughout Arkansas.

The Northwest Abortion Access Fund serves Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. They provide abortion care costs by sending funding directly to the clinic, as well as patient escorting and lodging.

The Kentucky Health Justice Network provides financial assistance, transportation, interpretation, and has a Trans Health Advocacy program which works to help Trans Kentuckians access the healthcare they need.

The New Orleans Abortion Fund can help provide funding for the cost of abortion, travel, and lodging.

The Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund offers financial assistance and practical support to persons seeking abortion as well as free emergency contraception. They also provide comprehensive sex education and fight for reproductive justice in Mississippi.

The Missouri Abortion Fund provides education and support for people needing reproductive health services, providing financial assistance to Missouri residents.

The North Dakota Women In Need Fund provides financial assistance to those seeking an abortion in North Dakota. They provide grants that can cover the cost of medical care, lodging, STI testing, childcare, transportation, and food.

The Justice Through Empowerment Network provides financial assistance to South Dakota residents, helping to cover the cost of transportation, childcare, lodging, interpreters, birth control, and other practical support.

The Roe Fund of OKRCRC provides direct financial help to Oklahoma women seeking abortion services. They also provide emotional support and clinic escorts across Oklahoma.

The Mountain Access Brigade provides support for reproductive health access and abortion care, including abortion doula services, education, practical support, and financial assistance across Appalachia and the Southeast.

The Texas Equal Access Fund provides funding to low-income people in the northern region of Texas who are seeking abortion and cannot afford it. They also work to end barriers to abortion access through community education.

Fund Texas Choice ​​helps Texans access abortion through safe, confidential, and comprehensive travel services and practical support.

The Utah Abortion Fund provides financial and practical support, popular education, and grassroots fundraising to strengthen reproductive justice efforts in Utah.

Chelsea’s Fund provides information about abortion providers for Wyoming residents. They also offer financial assistance to those who would otherwise not be able to afford an abortion.

Additional Resources

Planned Parenthood - find your nearest clinic, explore your options, and find out the status of abortion laws in your state.

Plan C - provides abortion pills via mail, as well as support and education about abortion.

National Network of Abortion Funds - helps remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centering people who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice.

M + A Hotline - provides confidential support for people who have an abortion or miscarriage

If/When/How - is a national non-profit network of law students, professors, and legal professionals fighting for the reproductive justice movement. They provide a hotline that lets people know their legal rights to abortion access.

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